Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


Jim Gardiner

Owner, Designer, Contractor

Jim has owned Courthouse for 26 years.  Jim holds two degrees from UVA, including an M.S. in engineering.  Jim’s perspective on the company: “We do our utmost best to bring a truly original design, merging functional solutions with beauty, to every job, large or small.  We all work extremely hard here at Courthouse on behalf of our clients.  The commitment level and professional capability of each person in the company is off the charts, really.  That, along with experience and talent and an innate ability to communicate with clients, is why each of our great folks is here.”




Kathy Gray


For those seeking a truly luxurious living environment, Kathy Gray brings a breath of fresh air and a welcome departure from overworked design strategies with her remarkable vision, taste, and creativity. Kathy works from the Middleburg office of Courthouse Design/Build and her clients are nationwide, reflecting her longtime success in the design/build business spanning from L.A. to D.C. In order to realize the ultimate in stylish elegance for your home, contact Kathy Gray at Courthouse Design/Build. Kathy truly possesses that je ne sais quoi design touch that you will not find anywhere else.  

Karen Amezquita

Business Manager

Karen's fantastic good humor, attention to detail and dedication to our clients make her the glue at the center of the Courthouse Design/Build operation. Her superb skills keep the critical information flowing between our suppliers, technical personnel, design team and clients. Karen is at the center of everything at Courthouse, and is the key person on the Courthouse team for communications once a job commences construction.




Larry Weems


18 years tenure



Aaron Fisher

Master Plumber/
Lead Technician

39 years tenure




Mike Sinclair

Lead Construction

22 years tenure



Mike Givler

Lead Carpenter

16 years tenure