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Our Process

Step 1) We meet via phone or in one of our design studios and we talk with you and listen to you regarding your ideas and desires for your project

Step 2) Due to the tremendous experience of our design/build remodeling team, each member of which has designed and managed many hundreds (if not thousands) of major remodels, we can provide you with immediate feedback on a likely required budget for what you wish to achieve

Step 3) We visit your home to gather information first hand and further discuss the proposed plan(s)

Step 4) We develop a totally original plan to suit your functional requirements and personal tastes, and review the design with you in detail, explaining every aspect and option

Step 5) Once your plan is modified to suit your exact requirements, we create a detailed contract defining all materials to be supplied and work to be performed; our contracts are transparent, fair, and customized (for example, we detail how your specific home environment will be protected and rooms sealed during the course of work) http://pharmacy....r/